9 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend If You're Bored Of Netflix

From Christmas tree shopping and visiting holiday villages to Black Friday deals and trying Fruit Loop waffles, there's a multitude of things to do in Montreal this weekend.

The snow has officially made an appearance in Montreal and by the looks of it, it's here to stay. Living in the 514, we should be used to seeing the beautiful and cold snow that surrounds us for so many months.

It may be cold outside, but every true Montrealer can handle a little chill whether.

This weekend, there are so many COVID-safe things to do that'll get you off your couch.

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Visit One Of These Iconic MTL Spots

Address: Can you guess them?

Why You Need To Go: To take in all the glory that is Montreal.

Swim In A Big Bowl Of Pho

Address: Various spots in Montreal

Why You Need To Go: To fill your belly with something warm, delicious and affordable!

Check Out A Unique Cafe In The Plateau

Address: Various spots in Montreal

Why You Need To Go: Because a lot of us need a little caffeine pick me up from time to time!

Visit A Christmas Village

Price: Free

When: Opening on November 26, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m

Address: 138, ave. Atwater, Montreal, Quebec; Atwater Market

Why You Need To Go: To feel like you are roaming through a Hallmark Christmas movie right here in our city.

Go Christmas Tree Shopping

Address: Various spots in Montreal

Why You Need To Go: To get into the holiday spirit!

Or Have A Christmas Tree Delivered To Your Door

Why You Need To Go: If you're too lazy to go out and get a tree, why not get one delivered right to your front door?

Try Some Tasty Mini Waffles

Address: 893, ave. Ogilvy, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: To try some of the most epic waffles, including one with fruit loops on it!

Be A True Canadian And Grab Some Ice Cream In The Cold 

Address: Various spots in Montreal

Why You Need To Go: A lot of ice cream joints are still open even after the snow hits. And, eating ice cream in the winter is a totally new level of Canadian!

Get Some Epic Black Friday Deals On Sainte-Catherine

Address: Various stores on rue Sainte-Catherine

Why You Need To Go: Early Christmas shopping, or even a chance to spoil yourself. Black Friday is the day for both.