9 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend That Even Legault Would Approve Of

The snow earlier this week may have given you a little fright. But no need to worry, the sun is supposed to be back on it's way to our city, meaning there's still a myriad of things to do in Montreal this weekend.

From checking out hidden gems in one of the coolest neighbourhoods and walking through majestic alleyways to picking up wine from a funky take-out window, you're bound to find something to do this weekend that'll lift your spirits.

So, fellow Montreal locals, if you're dreading the winter, this weekend is an ideal time to leave the house and enjoy the potential last bit of nice weather we could be getting for the next little while.

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Check Out Cool Hidden Gems In Verdun

Why You Need To Go: To explore what Time Out considers as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world.

Pick Up Some Caribbean Food

Why You Need To Go: Since going to the Caribbean is a little tough right now, why not taste a slice of it right here in Montreal?

Take A Scenic Drive Through Montreal

Why You Need To Go: To remind yourself of all the beauty that exists within the 514.

Go For A Walk Through Cool Montreal Alleyways 

Why You Need To Go: These charming alleyways will give you the illusion of taking a walk through an enchanted fairy tale.

Go On A Covid-Friendly Date

Why You Need To Go: Because there are some dates that even François Legault would approve of.

Get Some New Winter Boots

Why You Need To Go: To be prepared for the cold of winter.

Shop For One Of A Kind Items In The Plateau

Why You Need To Go: To find unique pieces to add to your wardrobe!

Take Advantage Of Le Château's Closing Sales

Address: Various locations in Montreal and online

Why You Need To Go: To get some discounted items before Montreal says goodbye to the store forever.

Get Wine, Pasta, Or Coffee From This Takeout Window

Address: 3998, rue St. Denis, Montreal, QC; Peché

Why You Need To Go: To try some of the most delicious flavours you can get from a takeout window!