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A Bear Was Found Roaming Loose In Montreal & Here's What's Happening To It Now

The black bear was found in Dorval on Sunday.
Contributing Writer

Over the long weekend, a black bear was spotted in Montreal, just seemingly going about its day. When the bear was first found roaming on Sunday, May 23, the SPVM recommended that people in the Dorval area stay indoors.

"It was a citizen who noticed the presence of a bear, at which point police officers quickly went to the scene and advised the entire population in the area to stay inside their homes and avoid going outside," said Raphaël Bergeron, SPVM spokesperson told Narcity.

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Afterwards, a five-hour-long operation took place. Sauvetage Animal Rescue arrived on the scene shortly after getting a call from the Montreal police which eventually led to the black bear being sedated. 

After four doses of sedation medication, Sauvetage Animal Rescue said, "We were able to grab him with a pole and lower him to the bottom of the tree, where he could be secured. The wildlife officers took him in."

"The bear cub will be released in an environment that will be more suitable for him!"

This article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only.

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