A Driver In Montréal-Nord Hit A Pedestrian, Fled & Then Hit 8 More People

A driver in Montréal-Nord has been arrested after reportedly hitting nine pedestrians in two consecutive incidents on September 16, according to Montreal police service spokesperson Manuel Couture.

Police believe a 38-year-old man hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Rue de Dijon and Boulevard Langelier at around 12:45 p.m. before speeding off — only to cause a second collision, Couture said. 

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9 pedestrians were hit by one driver

"He then left the scene rapidly and ended his run at the intersection of Valade and Dijon on the sidewalk where there was eight persons," said Couture.

Six of these pedestrians were adults. Two were children. All eight people were taken to hospital and "there shouldn't be any danger to their lives," Couture said.

The driver is being questioned by investigators.