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A 29-Year-Old Woman Was Dragged By A Montreal School Bus & Is In Critical Condition

The incident occurred on Tuesday.

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A 29-Year-Old Woman Was Dragged By A Montreal School Bus & Is In Critical Condition

A woman was hit and dragged by a Montreal school bus on Tuesday morning in Ville Saint-Laurent.

According to SPVM spokesperson Caroline Chèvrefils, a 911 call was made around 6:50 a.m. for "a collision between a school bus and a pedestrian."

The collision occurred at the intersection of Côte-Vertu and Jules-Poitras boulevards.

Preliminary information suggests that the bus driver, a 55-year-old woman, was heading west on Côte-Vertu boulevard then made a turn toward the north, which is when the collision would have happened, Caroline Chèvrefils explained.

There were no passengers on the bus at this time.

The pedestrian, a 29-year-old, woman was allegedly trying to cross at the same time the bus turned.

She was then hit by the bus and "dragged' for approximately "100 metres before the bus stopped," police said.

The victim suffered several injuries and was brought to the hospital, where she was said to be in critical condition.

As of Wednesday morning, Chèvrefils told MTL Blog that the woman is still in critical condition.

After the accident, the driver of the bus was "treated for a nervous shock."

The scene has since been protected for the investigators of the collision unit so that they can "analyze the scene and try to understand the exact circumstances of this collision."

Chèvrefils said that as per preliminary information police have received, the collision happened when both the pedestrian and the school bus had a green light.

An investigation into this matter is ongoing.

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