A Montreal Company Wraps Gifts Inside Extravagant Balloons & You Have To Pop To Open

There are so many unique ways of giving presents, but one Montreal company has a cool new way to get gifts while letting out some steam at the same time.

Le POP & Le BALLON by Event Dr is a local company that is known for its creative balloon creations. These balloon masterpieces can truly elevate any occasion.

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The masterminds behind the company also found a way of making opening presents even more memorable. 

That's right — inside the balloons live gifts, which makes it an awesome surprise for everyone.

You can either bring them the gifts you want to be popped or pick one of the prefilled gift options for an additional cost.

The company offers two models in two different sizes — Le POP BOX mini and large plus Le POP BALLON small and large.

And, of course, this is a way of adding a real "pop" to your social media page. So if you are interested, slide into the company's DMs.

Instead of opening presents, why not pop your way to them?