This Montrealer Created A Fake MTL Blog Post To Surprise His Girlfriend With A Proposal

Thanks to a combination of hockey, careful planning and MTL Blog, Josiah McCooeye was able to totally surprise his now-fiancée, Taylor Sparkes, with a marriage proposal. 

"I had been planning to propose for a while but did not know exactly how I would do it," McCooeye told MTL Blog. "Then I had an idea."

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Courtesy of Josiah McCooeye

Having locked in plans with his friends to help with the proposal on July 2 and without expecting the Canadiens to still be in the playoffs, McCooeye planned to decorate a beach near the Pointe-Claire windmill with thousands of LED lights and pop the question.

But the Canadiens' playoff winning streak proved inconvenient to his plan because much like the rest of the city, the couple were gripped with Habs fever.

"My proposal plan was virtually out the window at this point, and I really considered changing the date and plan entirely," said McCooeye.

"I was scrambling and freaking out, trying to think of a way to watch the game and also pull off my proposal on the originally intended date and time."

So, he thought, "what if I convinced her that there was a projected broadcast of the game at the Pointe-Claire windmill, which was right beside the spot of beach where I was going to propose?"

In order for his plan to work, McCooeye first had to photoshop an Instagram post that claimed that the windmill was hosting a screening of a Stanley Cup Final game. 

"If she was to see MTL Blog saying that there was a game being broadcast at the Pointe-Claire windmill, that would probably convince her," he said.

"Come Friday, the plan was in motion."

McCooeye enlisted their group of friends and even a waiter at a bar for the adorably elaborate ruse. In the end, he pulled it off masterfully. 

"We walked towards the windmill, and on our way, we arrived at the entrance to the hidden beach where I was going to propose," he said.

"At that point, she said something to the effect of 'pretty cool that MTL Blog posted about this.' I [...] responded 'oh, you mean that MTL Blog post that you knew was fake and you scrolled through your Instagram to check? Because you might have been right about that.'"

The rest, as they say, is history. 

We're expecting our wedding invite soon, you two!