A Naked Downtown Montreal Protest Against Fur Is Planned For Minus 14 C Weather

The windchill will be minus 20.

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A Naked Downtown Montreal Protest Against Fur Is Planned For Minus 14 C Weather

Visitors to the downtown are in for a stark surprise on Monday. A planned Montreal protest will see activists strip down in front of the Hudson's Bay Company at noon to protest the manufacture and sale of fur, marking the 33rd edition of National Anti-Fur Day.

In a press release, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) says participants will be "totally" naked save for simple signs that state, "I'd rather go naked than wear fur."

Environment Canada's forecast for 12 p.m. on February 14 shows a temperature of minus 14 C with a windchill of minus 20.

Photos from years past show activists standing outside the Bay and another downtown Montreal store wearing only underwear and shoes. In 2020, two people wearing coats smeared in red locked themselves in a cage on the sidewalk.

Society for the Protection of Animals Canada (SPA)

The SPA says the Bay is a "prime target" for anti-fur activists given its roots in the 17-century fur trade. Montreal is also apparently a centre for the fur industry — the society claims that "over 85% of Canadian fur clothing manufacturing" happens in the city.

The SPA further states that although fur farming is illegal in several European countries, the industry "contributes nearly $ 1 billion annually to the Canadian economy."

"The fur industry is the worst," SPA acting director-general and animal biologist Dominique Routhier said in the release. "It is completely immoral to make animals suffer from such kinds, just to look good. There are so many other ways to keep warm, in a totally ethical way. Boycott the fur industry!"

The Montreal protest is set to take place in front of the Bay at 585, rue Sainte-Catherine O. at 12 p.m. on February 14.

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