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The Montreal Trucker Protest Is Looking More Like A Pit Stop En Route To Ottawa

A 'United in Love for Freedom' demonstration is set to take place this weekend.

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The Montreal Trucker Protest Is Looking More Like A Pit Stop En Route To Ottawa

The 'Freedom Convoy 2022' movement is making its way to Montreal this weekend. But it's looking like the Montreal trucker protest will be more of a pit stop for Quebec truckers en route to Ottawa, where demonstrators have effectively occupied downtown for two weeks to demand an end to COVID-19 measures.

The "Unis dans l'Amour pour la Liberte" (United in Love for Freedom) protest is set to take place in and around Parc Jarry on Saturday, one week after the Quebec City demonstrations. There are a few different Facebook pages for the event with slightly different information but the biggest one — to which 9,800 have responded as "interested" or "going" — says protesters will march near Parc Jarry from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

At 1 p.m., a convoy of Quebec trucks that organizers describe as "a mega convoy" and "the largest convoy from Quebec to Ottawa" plans to meet at a highway stop in Brownsburg before heading to the nation's capital.

"With 2 days to go before Valentine's Day, what better way to show our disagreement with these abusive and liberticidal measures than to come together in love. Vaccinated or NOT, it is time for UNITY, no more division, it is together that we must say NO!" reads one of the Unis dans l'Amour pour la Liberte Facebook pages.

The post also says "a different formula this time as we will be going around the residential areas." It encourages people to bring pots, pans and drums to "make noise."

Montreal's last big demonstration against COVID-19 health restrictions drew thousands of people to the streets. Since then, Quebec has announced that "almost all" COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted by March 14.

"We've been looking at the situation very closely of what happened in Ottawa, what happened in Quebec. Our police officers, some of them were in Quebec last weekend to see how it would go so there is a lot of learning there," said Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante.

"The SPVM is also well prepared for any protests, but I've always said the City of Montreal is a place where people gather and bring their voice out, which is totally fine. But we're still in a state of emergency here in Montreal so for me, it is very important that people can come and protest peacefully but I don't want trucks to block streets and the operation that needs to be done."

A spokesperson for the Montreal police told MTL Blog that officers will "ensure a watch of the situation" and are ready to intervene if there are excessive gatherings or traffic issues.

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