Montreal Has A New Mural Dedicated To The Habs And It's Pretty Metal (VIDEO)

The Montreal Canadiens will compete in the National Hockey League semifinals Monday night and the Habs and their hairy mascot are preparing for battle.

That's the message behind a new mural located near the Bell Centre by street artist Stikki Peaches.

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"The Habs coming together the way they have, showing grit, perseverance, a ton of heart and determination while leaving it all out there," Peaches told MTL Blog.

"We now face the Vegas Golden Knights, someone tell them we got our armour ready to go and will fight to win this next series with all we got. Oui Believe in our Bleu Blanc Rouge. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Though "not the most superstitious person around," Peaches hopes the mural gives a boost to morale for the city while invoking the spirit of '93. "Montreal last won the Stanley Cup June 9, 1993," the artist said.

"We put up this mural last Wednesday, June 9, 2021 totally unplanned, very spontaneous. June 9 happens to be my mom's birthday, The Rocket's number was 9, you see where I'm going here?"

The mural on Saint-Antoine and de la Montagne depicts Youppi on a race car brandishing a giant novelty foam hand and a flag. The talented artist also included a number messages that pay tribute to the city and current events, including the number 215 to honour the memory of 215 Indigenous children found buried near a Kamloops, B.C. residential school.