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You Can See A Partial Solar Eclipse From Montreal This Month

Only the early birds will get to see it though.
You Can See A Partial Solar Eclipse From Montreal This Month

The phrase "don't forget to look up" is going to have a different meaning on the morning of Thursday, June 10, when you'll be able to see a partial solar eclipse if you wake up early enough.

But when I say early, I mean very early. "A partial eclipse will be visible, weather permitting, between 5:07 (sunrise) and 6:39 a.m., reaching a maximum at 5:39 (78.9%)," according to Espace pour la vie.

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An event for Montrealers to check out the eclipse together will be taking place on the morning of June 10.

If you're a true early bird, you can join other people curious about the sky, along with "members of the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan team from 5 to 6:40 a.m. on the walkway of the Parc olympique."

In other sky news, a total solar eclipse is expected to cross Quebec in 2024. So, you've got tons of time to plan how to get the best views of it.

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