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You'll Be Able To Witness A Partial Solar Eclipse In Montreal Next Month

If you're a fan of the sun and the moon, get excited. A partial solar eclipse will be visible in Montreal during the wee hours of the morning on June 10, 2021.

According to Espace pour la vie, "in Quebec and across most of Canada, we’ll be able to observe a partial eclipse of the Sun."

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The eclipse will become visible in the early morning hours shortly before sunrise in Montreal. Early birds will be treated to a celestial spectacle that will last approximately one hour and will see roughly 78% of the sun covered by the moon at its peak.

Espace pour la vie estimates that "the partial eclipse will reach its maximum at 5:39:10 [a.m.], with the Moon covering 78.9% of the Sun’s surface, which will stand only 7 degrees above the east-northeast horizon. The phenomenon will end at 6:38:58 [a.m]."

NASA reminds us all that the only safe way to view a solar eclipse is with special eclipse glasses.

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