Quebec's Newest Celebrity Is A Great Dane That Looks Exactly Like Batman (PHOTOS)

Na na na na na na na na Enzo.
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Quebec's Newest Celebrity Is A Great Dane That Looks Exactly Like Batman (PHOTOS)

Maybe it's because we could all use a hero right now, or maybe it's because this dog is way too handsome, but people are crazy for Enzo, a Great Dane from Lévis, Quebec who looks just like Batman.  

At 22-months-old, Enzo has already amassed over 37,000 followers on Instagram. He has also been featured by several media outlets recently, including People and The Dodo.

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One of Enzo's owners, Danny Lemay, told MTL Blog that Enzo weighs 165 pounds. 

"He is massive, very shiny and has a perfect body," Lemay said. "The breeder asked us to show him, but social media was perfect for us."

Enzo's other owner is Lemay's partner Stéphanie Godin.

Lemay said he decided to start Enzo's Instagram account after 3 months of having him. "We were at the beach and I had this crazy idea. He was really popular in real life," Lemay said. 

According to Lemay, Enzo reached "peak popularity" at the end of the summer, when a photo taken of Enzo on a trip to Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine got millions of likes.

Also, "a couple of other pictures went viral," Lemay explained. 

Lemay said he thinks Enzo is so popular because he demonstrates that Great Danes can be "impressive, great hikers and smart in the forest."

The two enjoy going for hikes and hunting together. He said Enzo knows how to track deer.

"We do agree with the media's comparison to Batman. We hear it often from our fans," said Lemay.

Enzo also some Batman-like personality traits. "He is always very kind. [...] He keeps the house safe and he's always watching in the window. [He] barks if something makes irregular noise or if people come to the house." 

What's in store for Enzo's future? Lemay told us he hopes to grow Enzo's TikTok account. He also said he hopes to travel with Enzo more when possible. Stéphanie is pregnant so the family is building a new house by the Saint Lawrence River.

To keep up with Enzo's adventures, follow @enzo.greatdane on Instagram.

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