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A Tweet From The OQLF Suggested That You Should Quit Saying 'Take-out' In French

It's plat à emporter en français.
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A Tweet From The OQLF Suggested That You Should Quit Saying 'Take-out' In French

On Monday, the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) received criticism for a tweet suggesting that Quebecers ditch a common English term while speaking French.

The tweet highlighted proper French alternatives to "take-out" like plat à emporter or mets à emporter. 

A webpage in an accompanying link explains that "take-out" is "not acceptable because it consists of two English words," further explaining that "it does not integrate naturally" into French.

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The several hundred commenters on this tweet are from both sides of the argument, some throwing their support behind this OQLF initiative and others deriding the language watchdog. 

In a statement shared with MTL Blog, the OQLF said that its "publications [...] in social networks, such as those concerning take-out orders, Good Friday and After-Christmas sales, aim to promote French expressions and terms and to enhance the use of the French language."

"The Office's linguistic resources help equip Quebecers and the various workplaces to help make French the normal and usual language of work and the public space."

The OQLF has been making headlines all year and is set to expand thanks to new investment from the government.

Some Quebecers have questioned the Office's tactics during the pandemic, even calling for the organization to be abolished

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