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A Viral Video On The Montreal Metro Shows Someone Collapse On A Train — But It Was A Stunt

The video shows people rushing to help.

A Viral Video On The Montreal Metro Shows Someone Collapse On A Train — But It Was A Stunt

A viral video shows someone collapsing on the Montreal metro after getting caught between closing train doors at Lionel-Groulx station. Metro passengers rush to the person's aid, eventually moving them to a seat as one person calls on someone to pull the train's emergency lever.

But the act was a stunt.

"Vroom Vroom," the person in the video, @vroom_vroom514 on Instagram, told MTL Blog that they staged the incident to see how metro riders would react to such an emergency.

The video managed to rack up over 57K views in the 24 hours after it first appeared on the @vroom_vroom514 account.

"I did it because since COVID like everybody is by himself and I want to see if people will help me," they told MTL Blog.

About a dozen passengers seem to offer help in the video.

While the Instagrammer feigned unconsciousness on the ground, one commuter rushed to help them, asking if they were alright while trying to shake them awake. They even seem to check the prankster's pulse.

"Vroom Vroom" was curious to see "if people would care about a random person."

The viral video has recieved a lot of negative social commentary on social media platforms.

As for the STM's view on the matter, they told MTL Blog "this video already received much more exposure than it deserved and we do not wish to bring any more attention to it. There is nothing positive about faking an health emergency, needlessly worrying métro clients and damaging our rolling stock."

This isn't the first stunt on the Instagram page, which has a following of 22,000 people.

This Montrealer posts all kinds of prank videos, showing them scaring individuals on the street and dancing next to people in the grocery store, among many others.

"I'm just trying to share good vibes... happiness, that's why I'm doing the videos. I'm not doing it for the fame, I'm not doing it for the money," the prankster said.

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