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An Open Letter To The OQLF Is Asking It To Make Some Changes To Help Businesses

"They should not be placed in even greater danger, or under greater stress."
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An Open Letter To The OQLF Is Asking It To Make Some Changes To Help Businesses

The Office québécois de la langue anglaise (OQDLLA), a network of copywriters and marketers, has penned an open letter to the Quebec government and the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF), offering several recommendations to improve its functions and alter its operations during the pandemic.

Among the recommendations is a "call for the immediate cessation of OQLF Inspectors' on-site visits until such time that we are no longer on Alert Levels 2, 3 and 4 (Yellow, Orange and Red)."

The recommendation comes after a few Montreal businesses expressed frustration at visits from inspectors while struggling to stay afloat.

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For the record, the OQLF previously told MTL Blog that it's "fully aware of the context of COVID-19 and is making every effort to minimize the impact on its clients."

The OQDLLA is also suggesting that the government revise the Grand dictionnaire terminologique, an online bank of translated terms, claiming that "entire subcategories are missing that have the potential to lead to both wrongful investigations and inefficient use of internal resources." 

Finally, the OQDLLA asks that the OQLF "create a storefront signage submittal, approval and certification process."

The OQDLLA says it's "completely aligned with the intentions" of the government during the pandemic and offers these recommendations in the spirit of helping the population.

"We are stronger together," the letter concludes. 

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