Today Is Montrealers' Last Chance To Explore The City On A BIXI Until Next Year

Doesn't it feel like summer was just yesterday? Well, all of a sudden, winter is around the corner, which means BIXI Montréal is preparing to put its bikes away until next year.

Sunday, November 15 marks the last day of 2020 that Montrealers can use BIXI to explore the city.

So, if you didn't have plans today, you might as well spend the day riding around since it'll be your last chance to for a while!

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This year, BIXI first started up again on April 15 and now, seven months later (where did the time go?), the company is preparing to pack up.

During the winter, the BIXI stations get removed, so you won't be seeing all the bikes lined up around Montreal for a few months.

If all goes as planned, BIXI bikes should be back in the city again next year in April. 

Until then, it's your legs or the STM that'll be getting you around!