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9 Bucket List Things To Do In Montreal For Under $20 According To Locals

Two tens can get you pretty far.

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Two people hold drinks from Café Myriade. Right, two people bike along the Lachine Canal.

Two people hold drinks from Café Myriade. Right, two people bike along the Lachine Canal.

Sometimes, a curious Redditor will uncover the perfect prompt to gather tips and tricks for a good time in the city, and such was the case on the r/Montreal subreddit this past week. An inquisitive web surfer by the username of u/Hot_Plantain struck gold by asking, "What's your favourite place to spend $20 or less?" to more than 230,000 Montreal nerds. With u/Hot_Plantain's generous permission, MTL Blog gets to share some of the best responses with the rest of you.

1. Go to Patisserie au Kouign Amann and pick up a baked breakfast with a midday snack for less than half of u/Hot_Plantain's original budget. Each pastry only costs a few dollars! This suggestion comes from u/Papriika, who called the bakery's food "literally the best pastry [they've] ever had!!"

2. Get food from two famous and reasonably-priced Chinatown hotspots: the famous Nouilles de Lan Zhou (suggested by u/KoalaDolphin) and the ever-popular Sammi & Soupe (suggested by u/im_busy_right_now).

3. Get your market on at Jean-Talon or Atwater, where cheap food abounds at any of the myriad stalls and vendors. And as an added bonus, "Atwater Market is just beside Lachine Canal," u/MaGaGogo pointed out.

4. See some architecture across the city with an $11 day pass on the metro. You can explore the designs of various metro stations. "De la Savane, Place St. Henri and Crémazie are some of my faves," wrote u/baskindusklight.

5. See the Canadian Centre of Architecture, which has a $10 entry fee and changing exhibitions, u/baskindusklight explained.

6. Try viewing the Musée des beaux-arts permanent (and permanently free!) collection, as suggested by u/FrenchFrozenFrog. The current temporary exhibit only costs $15. But u/FrenchFrozenFrog would rather keep their money "and take a stroll through the campus of Concordia" to...

7. Stop at Myriade, which one user called "one of the best coffee shop[s] downtown."

8. Explore Montreal's bustling indie scene. "Normally entry isn't more than $20 and you can find an awesome show most days of the week," u/ArnieAndTheWaves wrote, specifically recommending L'Escogriffe, Casa del Popolo, La Sala Rossa, Le Basement and Turbo Haus, with a special emphasis on La Sala Rossa.

9. And finally, an honourable mention goes to u/Equivalent_Ad812, who garnered a respectable 27 upvotes for the succinct suggestion: "Sqdc."

    Willa Holt
    Staff Writer
    Willa Holt is a Staff Writer for MTL Blog focused on apartments for rent and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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