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This Montreal Company's Gooey, Sweet Cinnamon Bun Boxes Are Perfect For Fall Picnics

They're worth EVERY calorie.
This Montreal Company's Gooey, Sweet Cinnamon Bun Boxes Are Perfect For Fall Picnics

Warm, sweet, buns are probably the most underrated dessert and of course, one of the most delicious. And, one Montreal company has decided to add a little twist to the classic cinnamon buns by taking them to new heights completely. BUNS IN A BOX is a Montreal based company, which is adding its own flair to this gooey and sweet treat.

The homemade cinnamon buns are created in Anjou and are available for both pickup and delivery.

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The owner and baker of these decadent desserts told MTL Blog that "being home during this pandemic cooking and baking gave me the idea of BUNS IN A BOX."

And then went on to state that "this is a recipe that has been in my family for 20 years and being able to share this with other people makes it very exciting."

And, trust me when I say that we're all as excited as you that we get to share them with the world.

BUNS IN A BOX makes classic cinnamon buns as well as cinnamon bombs which are regular cinnamon buns with an explosive center filled with Nutella.

Each of these comes with your choice of amazing toppings like Nutella, icing, buttercream, cookies n' cream, dulce de leche, and condensed milk.

Prices vary depending on how many of these goodies you order.

But as they say — the more the merrier, right?

A small box has four and the extra-large box contains twelve buns or bombs, so it's all about how big your appetite is!

[rebelmouse-image 26883567 photo_credit="vicvonapartis | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="836x826"] vicvonapartis | Instagram

There are also party boxes available, which are comprised of small cinnamon buns that would be a dream for your next get together.

This unique twist on a classic dessert is one you are going to want to try, especially if you thought cinnamon buns from shopping mall food courts were good.


Price: Starting at $12

Where: Anjou, Montreal

Why You Need To Go: To support a local business and try the sweetest of treats. 

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