Canada Wants To Introduce A Vape Tax On All Vaping Products In 2022

Earlier this week, the federal government released its proposed 2021 budget — and, if passed, Canada will be implementing an "excise duty," which is a type of tax, on all vaping products in 2022.  

Excise duties are paid by businesses rather than consumers, meaning you won't have to pay the tax if you're just a vape user. But it does mean that vaping products will likely get more expensive to make up for it. 

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The new duty on vaping would apply to vaping liquids regardless of whether or not they contain nicotine. However, cannabis vaping products in Canada would be exempt from the new duty due to their existing tax under the Excise Act.

The government proposed a flat rate of $1 on every 10 millilitres of vaping liquid, and the excise duty would be calculated and based on the volume of the smallest container holding the liquid.

The government is inviting input from the Canadian vaping industry and other stakeholders with a deadline of June 30 for submitting written comments