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This Montreal Resto Serves Vegan Mexican-Japanese Dishes That Are A Tasty Adventure

Suddenly, you'll be LOVING vegan food. 🥗
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This Montreal Resto Serves Vegan Mexican-Japanese Dishes That Are A Tasty Adventure

Are you an absolute foodie like me? Looking to try something new? Or maybe looking to take your favourite dishes to the next level. Well, the team from Montreal's iconic Sushi Momo recently opened Casa Kaizen and it's worth a stop for your next meal.

Casa Kaizen is a plant-based restaurant that offers Mexican plates with a Japanese influence.

The perfect place for when your taste buds are craving an adventure and your craving something new on the Montreal food scene.

And yes, it's vegan, but trust me, this spot is for everyone...

A total must-try if you haven't already.

And if you have, a must-go-back to!

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The Vegan Mexican-Japanese Cuisine Is Delicious 

One of the best parts about living in such a foodie and a diverse city is getting a variety of cultures and cuisines that combine to make for some pretty incredible menus.

Bringing together two cultures from opposite sides of the world, the Casa Kaizen team created plates, combining the culinary traditions and influences of two countries that offer simple, yet tasty plates.

You'll also find recipes from each country, like "tataki" and "sashimi" from Japanese and guacamole from Mexico.

And, of course, you can grab a margarita or some sake. There's also wine, other cocktails and mocktails.

Casa Kaizen's Decor Is Simply Breathtaking

Being in the heart of one of Montreal's trendiest neighbourhoods, walking Casa Kaizen gives you a sense of belonging and comfort, with a burst of creativity.

Decorated with neutral tones and pops of greenery, you'll definitely get a sense of the plant-based life, but not one that is too overbearing.

It's classy and sophisticated. Earthy and dreamy.

It's also incredibly cozy, so it's perfect for the winter months, or you can head outside to the patio on those perfect weather days.

The only thing you'll be dreaming of more than the food is the next chance you'll get to walk through the doors again.

It's A Great Way To Try The Plant-Based Lifestyle

From the same team that brought us Sushi Momo, Montreal's go-to place for vegan sushi, comes what they call "plant-based Asian tapas with a Mexican flair."

Whether you're new to the vegan lifestyle, been vegan for a while or just want to experience it for a meal, Casa Kaizan offers guests a variety of dishes, filled with passion and creativity.

And fruits and veggies, of course.

As Christian Ventura Alatorre, chef and owner of Casa Kaizen and Sushi Momo says, the restaurant is "Helping you to transition to a plant-based lifestyle one meal at a time."

Casa Kaizen

Address: 16, ave. des Pins E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: For some serious plant-based eats that bring the best of two delicious cuisines!

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