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Club Le CINQ Will Become A Japanese Steakhouse & Supper Club

Here's what's filling the space at 1234, rue de la Montagne.

Club Le CINQ Will Become A Japanese Steakhouse & Supper Club

It's officially time to say goodbye to Club Le CINQ — or if you're old enough to remember, Club 1234. The shuttered nightclub located at 1234, rue de la Montagne is set to become a Japanese steakhouse and supper club called Geisha.

While we don't have an exact opening date yet, Geisha's website says it's "coming soon" and an Instagram post invites patrons to "experience Geisha" this winter.

The new restaurant and bar comes to us from JEGantic hospitality group, the same team behind The Farsides and Bord'Elle.

An Instagram post says JEGantic's founder John Gumbley spent a month in Japan "not only exploring the landscapes, cuisine and culture, but in fact spending time with Geisha and Maiko themselves to recreate his own version of their art based on the realest of principles."

The restaurant also posted a photo of what appears to be a gigantic geisha statue in the making.

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