Quebec Is No Longer Leading New COVID-19 Cases In Canada

It's a club no one wants to be part of.
Quebec Is No Longer Leading New COVID-19 Cases In Canada

Quebec has seen the highest total number of coronavirus cases in Canada since the pandemic began — which means we're generally used to being the province with the highest number of new cases each day.

This week, however, Ontario is surpassing Quebec in terms of its new COVID-19 cases. Ontario, we just wanted to say we know how it feels and we're here for you.

Plus, it's not like Quebec is far behind.

On November 13, Ontario reported 1,396 new cases while Quebec reported 1,364

From November 6 to November 12, Ontario's new COVID-19 cases averaged 1,355. Quebec's new cases this week came out to an average of 1,286.

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93,145 (Ontario) vs. 121,195 (Quebec) Total COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic

However, while Ontario's death toll was 3,312 as of November 13, Quebec's total deaths since the start of the pandemic amounted to almost double that of Ontario's at 6,586 deaths.

In the last 14 days alone, Quebec has seen 343 deaths in the province compared to Ontario's 182 — again, almost double Ontario's numbers for the period.  

In both Quebec and Ontario, those aged 20 to 29 are the age group with the highest proportion of COVID-19 cases.

In Ontario, young people in the age group make up 20.7% of the province's total cases, while in Quebec, those aged 20 to 29 make up 15.8%.