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Hinge Revealed Montreal Users' Top Pet Peeves When It Comes To Dating

73% of Montreal Hinge users continued to date throughout COVID-19.
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Hinge Revealed Montreal Users' Top Pet Peeves When It Comes To Dating

Dating is hard enough when you're not in the middle of a pandemic. According to dating app Hinge, 73% of its Montreal users are trudging along, continuing to date throughout COVID-19.

We asked Hinge for advice to help Montrealers who are currently doing the whole online dating thing — and they hooked us up with a list of Montreal Hinge users' biggest dating pet peeves... so you'll probably want to avoid these things.

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According to Hinge, Montreal users' top dating pet peeves are:

  • The conversation being too one-sided (26%)
  • The other person not being what you expected (25%)
  • The date being on their phone too much (15%)
  • The date being rude to staff (10%)
  • A date who is clearly not over their ex (9%)

Hinge told us that, when asked on a date, almost one in three (29%) Montreal Hinge users most value their match suggesting a specific plan for the date. Initiating a solid date idea could score you some major brownie points. 

If you feel nervous about dating, Hinge suggests video chatting before meeting in person. Seventy-three percent of Montreal Hinge users plan to do this, even when the pandemic is over. 

Hinge even launched a new video prompt feature with on-screen prompts to kickstart the conversation and make things less awkward. 

Keep in mind that 39% of Montreal Hinge users feel nervous about dating this year — so however you're feeling, chances are you're not alone.

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