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Daylight Savings 2022 In Quebec Kicks In Soon — Here's When Clocks Turn Back (And Why)

You'll get an extra hour of sleep. 😴

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
The Montreal skyline during an autumn sunset seen from the Mount Royal lookout.

The Montreal skyline during an autumn sunset seen from the Mount Royal lookout.

The sun is already setting much earlier in the day, compared to a few weeks ago, which means Quebec is approaching its next instance of daylight savings. Clocks will be rolling back at 2 a.m., giving you an extra hour of sleep overnight from November 5 to 6.

Since 2007, Quebec's Legal Time Act has regularized daylight savings time, also commonly known as summer time. The clock advances on the second Sunday of March and "returns to normal" on the first Sunday of November, according to Quebec law.

But daylight savings could potentially see an end in the province.

In 2020, Conservative MP Jeremy Roberts introduced a bill in Ontario to abolish the time change and make daylight permanent. Both Quebec and New York State will need to be on board with the plan before the change is put into practice.

While Premier François Legault has said he is "open to considering the issue," Quebec's legislature has historically opposed abolishing daylight savings, unless it's also done south of the border, for economic reasons.

Right now, the province shares a time zone with New York and doesn't want to disrupt business with a time difference.

In fact, the Legal Time Act was passed 16 years ago specifically to "maintain the existing temporal harmony with neighbouring states."

Some proponents of doing away with daylight savings altogether worry that waiting for the U.S. to change their laws first means Quebec will never get around to making the change.

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