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You're Gonna See The Old Champlain Bridge Start To Come Down Next Month

Staff Writer
Deconstruction Of Montreal's Old Champlain Bridge Is Starting In August

Montrealers will finally start to see the old Champlain Bridge start to come down this summer. After close to six decades of existence, the bridge will start being deconstructed on August 3. 

The old Champlain Bridge evokes fond and sometimes frustrating memories for local Montrealers. The bridge was arguably as iconic as the Olympic Stadium, featured on everything from postcards to famous Instagram profiles.

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Deconstruction work on the Champlain Bridge will begin on Île des Sœurs in the coming weeks.

Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI)

From August 3 to 14, research crews will begin to remove structural components from the bridge. Then, from August 17 to the 29, crews will begin the "deconstruction of two spans, one pier, and the abutment from the sections above René-Lévesque Boulevard."

The JCCBI warns Île des Sœurs residents that the work might generate "noise, dust emissions, and occasional local traffic hindrances." The organization assures locals that all work will be done according to standards. 

The entire bridge will be completely deconstructed as of 2023. 

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