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Dr. Arruda Said It Could Be A While Until Quebecers Get Similar 'Freedom As In The Summer'

It seems that there will be no house parties for a long time.
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Quebecers hoping for a respite to the lockdown might be disappointed.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Dr. Horacio Arruda, Director of Quebec's public health organization, said that it could be a while before Quebecers have the same "freedom as in the summer." 

Referring to large public and private gatherings, Arruda made clear that until the situation is "stabilized," Quebecers will need to wait a little while longer. 

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I think that we can't return to the same freedom as in the summer — [at least] not necessarily in the period we had large gatherings. 

Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec public health director

Arruda mentioned that case numbers seem to be plateauing but that he's not "rejoicing" about this fact. 

Regarding the gatherings on Mount-Royal this weekend, which forced the city to shut down the parking lot, Health Minister Christian Dubé was proud to see that people were following the rules despite the influx. 

"I think we'll have a very pointed action if we see that people over the next few weeks are not following the rules — but I think we're seeing over the past few weeks that people are following the rules and I'm very satisfied," said Dubé.

On Tuesday, Quebec recorded its lowest total daily increase of COVID-19 cases in three weeks despite the fact that three more regions were put into red alert

Montrealers, for their part, are doing what they can to discourage large gatherings as the SPVM has had to field several hundred calls related to rule-breakers over the past week. 

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