A Montrealer Is Making Funky Face Mask Chains To Make Sure You Still Look Badass

Now that masks in Quebec are officially mandatory in enclosed spaces, it's time to start thinking of them as a fashion accessory, as well as a necessity. Many companies have been coming up with cool ways of keeping this new normal as fashion-forward as possible. From creating shirt and mask sets to custom designs, there are so many ways of looking fierce while wearing a mask.

And, to add to this list, there's now a company that's making chic chains for your masks to really take your look to new levels.

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Ashley Finestone is a Montreal native and McGill graduate, who wanted to make an accessory that would make "mask-wearing more convenient and safe in every type of setting."

Not only does this accessory look great but it's also super practical. Instead of looking for a place to put your mask, or searching for it in your bag, you know that it will always be kept around your neck, on a fashionable chain of course.

"The fact that they turned out to look fashionable and trendy on top of that was just a bonus," said Finestone when we spoke with her about Miami Mask Chains

Ashley Finestone has found a lot of success in her brand in a short time.

She told MTL Blog, "I was not expecting the hype to grow so quickly and the orders to come into our online store."

She also let us know that there are going to be many more styles and colours coming out soon.

The Montreal native currently resides in Miami, but let MTL Blog know that Montreal will always be her home.

Because of this, she wanted to "make sure Canadians can have access to this unbelievable mask-simplifying accessory."

With orders being shipped in both the USA and Canada daily, she's proud to be offering a more practical way to manage masks.

You can even get free shipping when you order two or more, just use the code SHIPFREEUSACAN at checkout.

There's no reason why wearing a mask should be annoying.

Make it a new way of expressing both yourself and your style with these fabulous chains! 

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