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6 Jobs That Are Available At Some Of The 'Best Employers' In Quebec

Forbes' list of the "Best Employers in Canada" is out!
Staff Writer
Forbes' List Of The 'Best Employers In Canada' Is Out & There Are Jobs Available In Quebec

Forbes has released its annual "Best Employers in Canada" list for 2021 and many of the country's best companies are headquartered in Quebec — and some of them have jobs available.

Here are six of the most interesting jobs currently open at Quebec's "best employers."

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Ubisoft Montreal 

Job: Ethical Hacker

Perhaps one of the coolest job titles ever. You'll be helping "manage and reduce security risks on activity domains within Ubisoft such as IT, HR, gaming, online services and many others by performing vulnerability assessments and security testing."

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Job: Performance Advisor

As a Performance Advisor, you'll be performing "studies, analyzes such as unit costs and times, hours worked, workloads, efficiency data, etc. supporting the different management units."

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Air Transat 

Job: Sales Analyst

Working with administrators, you'll be providing "sales reports to support, monitor, and analyse sales activities."

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Desjardins Group

Job: Financial Services Agent

You'll be working closely with financial advisors to "provide personalized support to members and clients."

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Job: Drafting Technician – Bridges and Structures

If you're looking for a new opportunity in civil engineering, you can help draft and "participate in the design and preparation of plans as part of construction projects or the rehabilitation of bridge structures and structures" in and around Montreal.

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Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM)

Job: Animal Health Technician

You'll be assisting in a laboratory that will be studying and "identifying new therapeutic targets in immuno-oncology."

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