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Gyms Can Reopen In Montreal And Laval Next Week & Here Are The Rules

Get your mask and running shoes ready. 👟
Gyms Can Reopen In Montreal And Laval Next Week & Here Are The Rules

We know so many of us were thrilled to find out that gyms in Montreal and Laval can reopen yet again as of June 7, thanks to these two regions moving into the orange zone on that same date.

Like in other indoor public spaces in Quebec, wearing a mask or face covering is required while inside gyms.

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Further regulations include maintaining a two-metre distance from others, hand washing upon entering, and ensuring that gym machines are sanitized after use.

Gym owners must determine a maximum number of members that can be admitted at a time, post this number in the facility, and make sure capacity is respected. The government asks that they also "prohibit access to people who have symptoms or who have been instructed to self-isolate."

In an email to members, Éconofitness specified, "In order to comply with government requirements, note that changing rooms and showers are not available. However, access to the toilets and sinks is permitted." Thus, you can expect the situation to be similar in other gyms as well.

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