Hakuna Matata! A Wild Boar Was Spotted In Magog, Quebec But You're Not Allowed To Kill It

Boars can actually be extremely destructive.
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Hakuna Matata! A Wild Boar Was Spotted In Magog, Quebec But You're Not Allowed To Kill It

Hakuna Matata! A wild boar in Magog, Quebec, was recently spotted near a residential street, according to a January 11 post to the city's official Facebook page.

Quebec's Ministry of Forests, Fauna, and Wildlife is asking residents who see the boar report it and not approach it whatsoever. 

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We are asking for your cooperation to report this animal to the Ministry so that it can be collected as soon as possible.

Ville de Magog

Wild boars, which are not indigenous to Quebec, can be very destructive animals

According to the Ministry, the wild boar is "one of the most harmful invasive alien species in the world."

"Their habit of turning the land upside down in search of food damages large areas of cultivated land," the MFFP writes.

The animal also "[eats] almost every type of agricultural crop" and is "also known to kill and eat certain domestic and livestock animals."

"The establishment of wild boar in Quebec could harm certain native animal species, including certain threatened and vulnerable species," according to the MFFP. 

While normally not aggressive, a threatened wild boar can attack humans and pets

Wild boars can also pose health threats.

They can be carriers of "nearly 40 parasites and at least 30 diseases, some of which are transmissible to humans, pets, livestock or wildlife, such as swine fever, brucellosis, tuberculosis, pseudorabies and trichinellosis."

And most importantly, the MFFP advises Magog residents not to shoot any wild boars they see as boar hunting is not authorized in Quebec.

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