Everything You Need To Know About Quebec's Plan To Reopen CEGEPs & Universities

You might soon be able to go back to class.
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Here's Quebec's Plan To Reopen CEGEPS & Universities

Minister of Higher Education Danielle McCann announced on Thursday that as of February 8, every student in a Quebec CEGEP or university living in a red zone, "regardless of his or her program of study, will gradually be able to benefit from teaching or group activities." 

Here's everything you need to know about the province's plan to reopen post-secondary schools. 

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Will I be able to go back to class?  

McCann said that, ideally, all students will be able to attend classes once a week.

Colleges and universities can offer face-to-face activities along with physically distanced learning. Student services will also be offered in-person and online. 

The decision was prompted by concern about the "psychological health and isolation experienced by the student population." 

McCann praised the efforts of post-secondary students these past few months, adding that the new "adjustments ... will hopefully allow you to break out of isolation, get a breath of fresh air and have the energy you need to continue or complete your studies."

What are the rules when I'm in school?

In classrooms, the maximum occupancy rate for "academic courses" will be 50%. For labs, assessments, and other "practical teaching activities," there will be no occupancy limit. 

Wearing a face mask will be mandatory "at all times, with some exceptions, for all students" in all institutions in both the red and orange zones. 

These exceptions include "when eating or during certain teaching activities, which involve singing, the use of certain musical instruments, drama or physical activity," according to the government. 

The ministry will be supplying free masks to CEGEPS and universities.

"A distance of 1.5 metres between seated students in class and 2 metres in all other situations" will be enforced on campus, as well. 

Be aware that "each institution will have to put in place traffic control measures in its buildings in order to avoid the creation of bottlenecks," so keep an eye on where you're walking. 

Will I be able to study with my friends?

Groups of up to six socially-distanced students will be allowed to "come together on campus to carry out pedagogical activities complementary to teaching activities, such as group work or study groups," the government says.

Moreover, "individual or collaborative workspaces in the library or in designated classrooms will be set up to provide academic and psychosocial support services on campus."

"Very soon, thanks to the vaccines, you will be able to travel more on campus," said McCann. "Stay strong! we are in the last stretch!"

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