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Here's When The Mont-Royal Metro Station Escalators Will Be Done By

Anyone else missing that easy breezy escalator ride?

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Construction inside the Mont-Royal metro station.

Construction inside the Mont-Royal metro station.

Mike Chaar | MTL Blog

The STM first began construction on the Mont-Royal metro station back in October 2018 in order to make it universally accessible. The plan included changes made to the entrance, an additional turnstiles area, new signage, a street-level fare booth, motorized butterfly doors and, of course, elevators.

In July 2022, the STM officially introduced the new and improved station, making it the 20th accessible metro station in Montreal. While the new features are certainly great additions, you might have noticed that the escalators that once took you down to the fare booth are still closed and under construction.

It turns out the relocation of the fare booth has left the area where it once stood, including the escalator landing, empty and in need of renovation, the STM says online.

The company plans to wrap up that work, the final phase of construction on the station, and reopen the escalators this fall.

It's clear that Montrealers are eager for the escalators to return, 'cause those stairs are a workout and a half!

"I brought people from out of town to visit...and getting out of the station almost killed then. What a bungle. Escalators are essential," one person tweeted out.

The STM says it's "aware of the inconvenience that this work might cause" and committed to "[minimizing] the impact on customers."

Fall 2022 can't come quick enough.

    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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