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Arruda Says He Gets 'Death Threats' & 'Abusive Emails' On The Daily

He got real about the woes of being Quebec's public health director at a press conference.
Arruda Says He Gets 'Death Threats' & 'Abusive Emails' On The Daily

In a press conference on October 8, Quebec public health director Horacio Arruda said he receives death threats or abusive emails on the daily about Quebec's management of COVID-19.

He suggested that there are conspiracy theorists who dislike or oppose his handling of the coronavirus who may be plotting his demise.

"There are conspirators [out there]. I have death threats. I get abusive emails every day," he said.

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It's [hard] because you're making tough decisions that aren't interesting to the world.

Horacio Arruda, in a press conference on October 8

However, Arruda said that despite his critics, he continues to make decisions that he and his team believe are in the best interest of Quebecers. 

"I keep my head up [and] decided to continue in this mandate. As long as [the government doesn't] get me out of here — they'll put me out if they want to get me out — I consider myself doing my job the best [I can]," he said.

Arruda also clarified to naysayers that his team's decisions are always made out of love and protection for the population.

"I hope I can keep the confidence of Quebecers because I love them profoundly. And I think I'm still doing what many others are doing elsewhere in the world. But it is a difficult situation."

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