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A Quebec Farm Is Giving Out 2,000 FREE Strawberry Plants At Jean-Talon Market

Grow your own fresh, sweet strawberries!

Jean-Talon Market Has Free Strawberry Plants To Give Out

If you're always buying delicious local strawberries, you might want to consider growing them yourself. Laboratoire sur l'agriculture urbaine and Ferme d'Hiver can help you do that. On Thursday and Friday, they're giving out 2,000 free strawberry plants at Jean-Talon Market.

"Perfect for your balcony, backyard or community gardening, these lively strawberry plants will be distributed on July 29 and 30," reads a post on the Arrondissement de Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie Facebook page.

The free plants will be available at the Fermes Urbaines de Montréal kiosk, according to the Facebook post, which also says and the plants were locally grown in Quebec in a "100% controlled vertical production environment." If you want to know more about what they mean, Ferme d'Hiver will be on-site answering questions.

"As our laboratory turns into a nursery and hosts the plants destined to grow in our first industrial-scale unit, Ferme d'Hiver will donate over 2000 strawberry plants to the community," says the Facebook event.

"Having started their growth in a 100% controlled vertical production environment, these plants are in perfect health and will soon produce beautiful red and sweet fruits!"

A basket of local strawberries at IGA will cost you $4.99 on sale or $6.99 regular so $0 sounds like a pretty sweet deal — even if you fail at growing the berries, at least you get a free plant out of it.

Free strawberry plant giveaway! 

Price: FREE

When: July 29 and 30, 2021

Address: Fermes Urbaines de Montréal Kiosk (#180) at Jean-Talon Market

Why You Need To Go: Not only do you get a free plant, you also get to grow and eat your own fresh strawberries.


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