Justin Trudeau Not Viewed As Favourably As Singh, Poll Shows

According to a new poll by the Angus Reid Institute, more Canadians think the NDP's Jagmeet Singh "would be a good or excellent PM" than they do of incumbent Justin Trudeau.

More poll respondents gave Singh a "favourable rating overall," as well: 46% to Trudeau's 37%.

Trudeau's Liberals, however, still have a lead in the polls, Angus Reid shows.

Among "decided and leaning voters" nationally, 33% of voters support the Liberals, 30% support the Conservatives and 21% support the NDP.

In Quebec, 37% of the same voters intend to vote Liberal, according to Angus Reid. The Bloc Québécois had the support of 28% of poll respondents.

Only 14% in Quebec said they'd vote NDP.

Singh and Trudeau have comparable favorability ratings in the province, however, with 41% of respondents giving each a "favourable rating."

The NDP is gaining ground on the Liberals in other provinces, the Angus Reid report states, even eclipsing them in British Columbia, where 32% of respondents say they'd vote NDP versus only 26% for the Liberals.

Conservative leader Erin O'Toole, meanwhile, has very little support in Quebec overall, with only 25% of respondents rating him favourably.