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You Can Now Get Poutine, Cotton Candy & 4 Other WTF Flavours Of Kraft Dinner In Montreal

Things just got weird... but let's try them anyways. 🧀
Contributing Writer

Kraft Dinner's Instagram account got a lot of reactions in April when it announced the launching of "KD cheesy essential oils." This time, it's not an April Fools prank — six new flavours of Kraft Dinner just arrived in Montreal and they are far from your average mac n' cheese flavours.

Among the new flavours are some perfect for fans of spicier foods such as ghost pepper, jalapeño and Buffalo wings.

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There is also a flavour that replicates the Indian dish butter chicken, another that replicates a typical Quebec recipe, poutine, as well as one that brings a sweet touch: cotton candy.

Each of them can be purchased in individual seasoning bags, known as "Flavour Boosts," which allow you to transform the traditional macaroni and cheese into a whole new meal.

If some of the flavours we just mentioned sound intriguing to you, you can order 6 Flavour Boosts for $15 on the Kraft Dinner website. Or, you can find them being sold at Walmart in Canada, and "other major grocery stores starting in July."

Ghost pepper is exclusively sold online and unfortunately, the Buffalo wings and poutine flavours are already sold out online.

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