This Vibrant Montreal Bar Serves Tartare & A Glass Of Wine For Only $5 Each Every Thursday

And it has the perfect little terrasse for you to enjoy everything on.
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This Vibrant Montreal Bar Serves Tartare & A Glass Of Wine For Only $5 Each Every Thursday

For all you raw food lovers out there, I'm here to let you know about a Montreal spot that's guaranteed to tickle your fancy. Le MTL Bar, found on rue Saint-Hubert in the Plateau, is the place to be on Thursday nights if you're looking for some delicious cheap eats. On this day every week, the bar serves plates of tartare for only $5.

And the best part is that to complement the dish, you can order a glass of wine for $5, too!* An unbeatable duo and deal.

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Some may every well say that wine and tartare are a match made in flavour heaven.

Plus, Le MTL Bar has a cute little turquoise terrasse on the street that's set up to follow social distancing measures.

On Thursdays, the bar is open from 3 p.m. until late. So no matter what your schedule is like, you'll probably find a way to squeeze in a visit.

The tartare on every other day of the week is $21, so remember that next time you're planning out your budget.

Doesn't the tartare almost look too pretty to eat?

If you're a true MTL foodie, then you're sure to love this dish.

Le MTL Bar offers three types of tartare: salmon, beef, and tuna.

And if you're still hungry after, you can always another dish on the menu.

I personally recommend the dumplings. You can never go wrong with dumplings.

And, if neither tartare nor wine are your thing, then you'll be happy to know this spot has a killer cocktail list.

One of its drinks is name after our Québécoise queen, Céline Dion

Another one of them has an egg in it — just in case you missed breakfast that day.

So, if you were wondering where to spend your next Thursday evening, I think I may have just solved that one for you.

Le MTL Bar

Address: 4051, rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC

Promotion: $5 for tartare and a glass of wine on Thursdays.

Why You Need To Go: Your entire evening could cost you only $10 plus tip!*

*This article has been updated.

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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