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Legault Responded To Quebec Gyms' Plans To Reopen On October 29

"The gyms cannot be open."
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Legault Responded To Quebec Gyms' Plans To Reopen On October 29

Despite demands to reopen Quebec gyms, Premier François Legault made clear that owners are going to have to wait as the province extends the red zone partial lockdown another four weeks, to November 23.

His announcement came after 200 gyms and fitness centres said they would just go ahead and open on October 29, after the end of the first lockdown period, unless the government provided evidence that these facilities "are a source of outbreak."

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The law needs to be respected [...] the gyms cannot be open.

Premier François Legault

"The law needs to be respected," the premier said, adding that police will work to enforce it.

He also made clear that fines are possible for businesses that refuse to follow the rules.

In their statement Monday, the coalition of 200 gyms called the October lockdown "a slap in the face."

"For the moment, faced with a wall and imminent bankruptcy... what choice do we have?" the coalition said, referring to plans to reopen on October 29.

"Mr. Premier, we are on our knees and out of breath."

Legault said that financial assistance for businesses affected by the lockdown would continue through November 23.

Gyms won't be the only businesses subject to rule enforcement.

The premier also announced Monday that the CNESST would carry out an "inspection blitz" to make sure all businesses are following rules.

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