Legault Didn't Answer A Press Question Because His Communications Coach Wouldn't Approve

Turns out, many of the province's representatives have communications coaches.
Legault Didn't Answer A Press Question Because His Communications Coach Wouldn't Approve

In a press conference on November 12, Premier François Legault refrained from responding to a media question on business closures in Quebec because, he said, it's what his communications coach would want him to do.

A journalist asked whether the premier was considering closing businesses at the same time as potential school closures in Quebec might occur. 

"My communications coach would suggest not answering this hypothetical question," he said.

"We look at different scenarios then, when we have made decisions, the coach tells us [that] is when we have to communicate. So if I listen to my coach, unfortunately, I [cannot] answer your question."

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It is quite normal for people who have to communicate with journalists and [...] with the population to have communication coaches. 

Premier François Legault, in a press conference on November 12 

Quebec public health director Horacio Arruda — who was under fire in May for dancing on social media as deaths in Quebec elderly homes continued to rise — also received a communications coach earlier this week.

The three-month contract reportedly costs taxpayers $20,000 per month.

"No matter how well we communicate, there is always room for improvement, eh," Arruda said in the same press conference. 

"To have an external perspective is helpful for me in my professional function which must include [communicating with] the population."

Arruda said that he personally requested that the government hire a communications coach to aid him in his messaging.

The Premier clarified that Quebec's minister of health, Christian Dubé, also has a communications coach.

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