Legault Tells Quebec Men 'Man To Man' To Stop Being Violent Toward Women After A Homicide

The double homicide against 2 female victims took place in the Laurentians.
Legault Tells Quebec Men 'Man To Man' To Stop Being Violent Toward Women After A Homicide

Quebec Premier François Legault called on men to end violence against women "chez nous," during a press conference on March 3.

The premier's comments came in the wake of a double homicide in Sainte-Sophie, Quebec that left two women dead. 

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"It doesn't make sense ... I [want] to talk to men, man to man. There's nothing masculine [or] virile to be violent with a woman," Legault said.

"On the contrary, I find that cowardly. It's time for men to band together [and] talk to our boys [and] our friends."

The premier said he hoped relief measures coming into effect on March 8 will improve the situation at the province's women's shelters.

"It doesn't make sense that in 2021 we live like barbarians," he said. "We're in a civilized society. All women and all our children have the right to a secure environment."

Double-homicide during curfew hours

Sergeant Jean-Raphaël Drolet of the Sûreté du Québec Ouest (SQ) told MTL Blog that, on March 1, an altercation broke out around 9 p.m. in a single-family home on Rue Samson in Sainte-Sophie, an hour north of Montreal.

Two women were critically injured on the scene and transported to a Montreal-area hospital, he said.

The 60-year-old woman, identified as Sylvie Bisson, died from her injuries on March 1. The 28-year-old woman, named Myriam Dallaire, died on March 2.  

A 33-year-old male suspect collided with another vehicle on Rue Bélanger in Saint-Jérôme shortly after the SQ found both female victims.

Both drivers were transported to a hospital with serious injuries. However, the SQ told MTL Blog the injuries of both drivers are no longer considered life-threatening.

The SQ would not specify the nature of the relationship between the suspect and the women.