Liberal Election Signs In Montreal Were Defaced With Swastikas

It's only day three of the 44th Canadian election and already, the racists have come out of the woodwork to deface election signs in Montreal.

On Wednesday, Montreal Liberal candidates Anthony Housefather and Rachel Bendayan were the unfortunate victims of election signs defaced with swastikas, a symbol commonly associated with the Nazis. As they are both Jewish, this was clearly intended as a hateful and anti-Semitic attack on them.

Politicians from every party have reacted to this unfortunate incident with disgust.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, "It is completely unacceptable. I stand in solidarity with Rachel and Anthony, and the entire Jewish community, against this type of hatred."

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Conservative leader Erin O'Toole were also dismayed by the incident and are standing in solidarity with the two Liberal candidates.

But the candidates have not been deterred by this hateful attack and will continue their campaigns.