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Cat Election Signs Are Popping Up In Montreal & They're Pretty Purr-suasive

We've got a tight race on our hands right meow.

Cat Election Signs Are Popping Up In Montreal & They're Pretty Purr-suasive

With a federal election underway, it's not surprising to see election signs around town — unless, that is, the candidates are cats. For the past couple of days, Montrealers have been stopping in their tracks in the Plateau for that very reason.

Sébastien Parent-Durand tweeted photos of the prime-ministerial-looking cat candidates, who are front and centre on Liberal, NDP, Conservative and 'Chat Québécois' (as opposed to Bloc Québécois) campaign posters. They have slogans like, "Miauler ensemble (meow together)" instead of the NDP's "Oser ensemble" and "Ronronner pour le Québéc (Purring for Quebec)."

Parent-Durand, who also happens to be chief of staff for the mayor of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, said he took the photos on rue Duluth Friday night. He captioned them with: "I am finally undecided."

Meanwhile, Conservative Party of Canada MP candidate for Outremont Jasmine Louras had some fun with the idea that 'Milady' could be her competition.

"There is a Mew Catdidate for the (Cat Purrrty of Catnada) in Outremont," she wrote on Instagram.

So, who's behind what is arguably the most adorable election campaign this city has ever seen? After some speculation on Reddit, the answer is obvious.

The posters are hung conspicuously close to Café Chat L'Heureux, a Duluth cat café. Not to mention that the posters have #CaféChatL'Heureux printed on them.

The cat candidates are also ACTUAL cats that you can meet at Café Chat L'Heureux. You can learn more about Gustave, Sheldon, Mousse, and Milady on the Café Chat L'Heureux website.

Are we the only ones who are disappointed that this isn't a real election? Then again, it would have been tough choosing between these pawrties.

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