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More People Have Been Quitting Montreal While Canadians 'Flocked' To Vancouver & Halifax

According to a LinkedIn report.
LinkedIn Workforce Report Shows More People Leaving Montreal

It's been fifteen months since the pandemic arrived in spring 2020 and Montreal is a much emptier place, according to new data from LinkedIn.

By comparing the number of LinkedIn members who moved within the country between 2019 and 2020, the online service's Workforce Report for Canada shows Montreal's "inflow-outflow ratio of residents" (defined as the "number of inflows to a city for every outflow") shrank a colossal 21%.

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Greater Toronto (-12.2%), Hamilton (-18.9%) and London (-7.8%), also saw declines in their inflow-outflow ratios, compared to before April 2020.

"While big cities like Montreal and Toronto were hit hard by an influx of cases and spent much of the year in lockdown, Halifax and the broader Atlantic region has fared relatively well," the report explains.

The report doesn't affirm the classic argument that the majority of those departing Canada's cities are fleeing to more affordable provinces like New Brunswick.

That's because the inflow-outflow ratio of pricey Vancouver increased by 10.5% and Halifax's rose by 39%.

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