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Longueuil Mayor Catherine Fournier Gave Rare Insight Into What Being In Charge Is Really Like

"I've worked extremely hard to get here."

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Longueuil mayor Catherine Fournier putting up a flyer.

Longueuil mayor Catherine Fournier putting up a flyer.

The 30-year-old mayor of Longueuil is known both for her age and for reducing her salary by over $60,000 after just weeks in office, but like many politicians, the ins and outs of her experience aren't public knowledge — until now. In a Q&A session posted on her Instagram story, Catherine Fournier opened up about her time as mayor, what she's achieved and where she sees the future of Longueuil.

Asked about her achievements at such a young age, Fournier confirmed that she's proud of her progress, especially because of the efforts she put behind it. "I know that I've worked extremely hard to get here, and I continue to push myself daily," she said on Instagram.

Although some might call her Mme la Mairesse, Fournier also stated that she really prefers to be on a first-name basis. "I also hate being called 'vous,'" she continued.

As for imposter syndrome, high-powered Fournier says she's never had it. "I always give my all to whatever I do, so even if I have doubt sometimes (which is healthy), I never question whether or not I belong," she told her followers. "My five years of experience as a deputy definitely helped me gain confidence in my abilities."

When asked about the hardest parts of her work, she didn't hesitate: "Conflict management." She acknowledged that it's "normal" to have to navigate these tense situations when working in groups, but emphasized that she's more of an avoidant character in her personal life.

"It's worth mentioning that I went from a team of three or four as deputy to thirty elected and employed colleagues [as mayor]," she wrote. "It's something I want to improve on in the coming year."

As Fournier seeks to improve her leadership skills, she says she looks to other women leaders for inspiration. "My primary political inspirations are Jacinda Arden and Sanna Marin," she wrote, "respectively the prime ministers of New Zealand and Finland."

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