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Megabus Has $10 Tickets From Montreal To Toronto For Various Dates In May & June

So you can travel without breaking the bank!

Contributing Writer
Megabus in parking lot.

Megabus in parking lot.

With the wild gas prices in Montreal lately, taking a drive to Toronto feels like it'll put a hefty dent in your wallet.

And while there are some airlines that offer cheap flights between the two cities, nothing compares to the $10 Megabus trip tickets from Montreal to Toronto we just spotted.

Yes, you're reading that correctly! Megabus offers $10 tickets to get from Montreal to Toronto on various dates in May and June.

If you've been hoping to go see your besties in Toronto, you can get there for $10 on Saturday, May 14, Saturday, May 28 or Monday, May 30.

Make sure to act fast if you're hoping to get in on this deal, though, because tickets at this price seem to sell out quickly.

At the time of writing this article, there were $10 tickets from Montreal to Toronto on June 3, 7, 9, 10 and 13 as well. So all you have to do is plan ahead and you'll be able to get around without breaking the bank.

And in more good news, Megabus recently announced that starting May 11, the company will be reintroducing routes from Toronto to the United States. This means that you can make your way to Toronto, then from there, get a bus ticket to places like Boston, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Washington and New York.

Cheap travel is back, baby!

The prices listed in this article were confirmed at the time of publishing but can change anytime.

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