I Flew On Canada's 'Ultra-Cheap' Airline Flair & You Better Pack Light

The lighter you pack, the more money you save!

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Plane in the sky. Right: Selfie of a woman wearing a mask on a plane.

Plane in the sky. Right: Selfie of a woman wearing a mask on a plane.

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If ever you're hoping to jet across Canada to explore our country, Flair Airlines is a great option if you're hoping to save a dime or two.

On Monday, August 16, I got the opportunity to take a flight from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, and I'd give Flair Airlines a solid 10/10 for my great experience with it.

Flights are ultra-cheap compared to other airlines


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Let's face it, going on a trip sounds awesome until you realize just how expensive flights can be. But luckily, Flair Airlines "[believes] Canadians have been paying too much for too long" and decided to make travelling across the country and to certain American cities way cheaper than some other airlines.

If you're flying from Montreal (YUL), you have the choice between the Canadian destinations of Toronto (YYZ), Vancouver (YVR), Abbotsford (YXX), Halifax (YHZ) and American destinations of Fort Lauderdale (FLL), and Orlando (SFB).

If you're flying from Toronto, you have the option between the above places and the additional destination options of Calgary (YYC), Charlottetown (YYG), Edmonton (YEG), Fort McMurray (YMM), Grande Prairie (YQU), Las Vegas (LAS), Ottawa (YOW), Phoenix-Mesa (AZA), Regina (YQR), Saint John (YSJ), Thunder Bay (YQT), and Winnipeg (YWG).

Genie Bouchard was on the flight

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

When I showed up, tennis player Genie Bouchard was at the gate modelling Flair's new grey, green and purple uniforms. So she got to look like a flight attendant for the day.

Bouchard is an ambassador for the new airline and she claimed to love what it represents. When speaking to the passengers on the flight, she said she loves that Flair "disrupts the Canadian airline industry."

"I think travel is amazing and we want you guys to be able to travel across Canada at low prices and see family and friends in our beautiful country," she continued.

Flair Airlines staff was extremely friendly and welcoming

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

In regards to the real flight attendants on the plane, they were nothing but nice.

I also got the chance the meet the CEO of Flair Airlines, Stephen Jones, on the flight, who said "I'm so proud to have this flight going today, you wouldn't believe the amount of work that's gone on in the last nine months" and then continued to thank everyone on the flight for flying with Flair.

Overall, every single staff member I met was kind and helpful.

Make sure to pack light

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

When boarding a Flair flight, every passenger is allowed one personal bag for free. But, unless you're flying for a quick business trip, you'll likely be bringing at least a carry-on with you, which is an extra $39-59 plus tax if you add the baggage option while booking your flight on the airline's website.

A checked bag is an additional $39-$59 plus tax, and a second checked bag will cost you between $59-79 plus tax.

The moral of the story: the lighter you pack, the more money you save! Plus it's always helpful to have the least amount of stuff to trek along with you while you're on your trip.

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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