Montreal Has 'Bubble Rooms' That Let 2 People From The Same Household Party Together

Alexa play "Party For Two" by Shania Twain.
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Montreal Has 'Bubble Rooms' That Let 2 People From The Same Household Party Together

It goes without saying that Montreal nightlife is unlike anything else in Canada, if not the world, and is definitely something that we've been missing during the pandemic.

But good news, Montreal Bubble Rooms have been created as a safe way to party without leaving the comfort of your bubble.

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Started from an idea that Montrealers should have a totally exclusive experience that would take them to another world, the team has thought of every single element that caters to all five senses.

Currently, the rooms are available for two people from the same household. Once government restrictions ease, we're told the bubbles will be available for up to six people.

The rooms are $595; a $395 tax deposit is required upon reservation. While Quebec's curfew is in effect, a room at Hotel Zero | 1 is offered for free with any reservation, so leaving before 8 p.m. isn't necessary.

And don't think this is just a simple solution for lockdown. These unbelievable, all-encompassing experiences are here to stay.

So what exactly is a Bubble Room? 

Each room has a different theme and is decorated like something from your wildest dreams

Bubble Rooms took over an entire floor at Hotel Zero | 1, emptied out all of the rooms and created absolute immersive fantasies down to the last detail.

Currently, there are seven thematic bubbles:

"Evey room has its own signature, its own vibe," says Pierre Belliveau, also known as Gone Deville, co-founder and in-house DJ.

"From the moment you walk in, the decor will take you there, the sound effects and ambiance [...] even down to the drinks."

A drink class with some of Montreal's top mixologists and a three-course meal are offered

[rebelmouse-image 26879865 photo_credit="Courtesy of Bubble Rooms" expand=1 original_size="3360x5040"] Courtesy of Bubble Rooms

Bubble Rooms has teamed up with CROWD Bar to bring you personalized drink kits to help get the night going.

The team provides everything necessary to make the perfect drink: the shaker, the mixes, even the garnishes. All you have to do is bring the booze, which will be recommended based on the theme.

The plan is that a CROWD mixologist then comes on screen and does a live class to help you not only see and hear your immersive world but taste it, too.

Then, music gets going and a three-course (sometimes four) meal is offered.

The rest of the time gets reserved for dancing

The creators of Bubble Rooms say the rest of the visitor's experience will be a two-person dance party.

Pierre will act as a live, personal DJ with a full-blown booth and set, to provide jams and tunes to rock out to, using the interactive technology that the team has developed.

And this isn't just a simple play-music-over-the-sound-system type of party — song requests are possible, too.

Then, it'll slowly be time to go back to the real world.

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