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Montreal Gas Prices Are Expected To Drop This Thursday

A possible bump today, a possible drop tomorrow. About time, amirite?

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​Montreal Gas Prices Are Expected To Drop This Thursday

Here's some good news for drivers this week: after rising costs at the pump through the middle of the week, Montreal gas prices are expected to drop this Thursday.

Dan McTeague, the Gas Price Wizard, predicts that Montrealers will pay 166.9 cents per litre at the pump for regular gas, 186.9 cents per litre for premium gas, and 165.9 cents per litre of diesel — that's a whole four cents per litre shaved off your gas payment just for holding off for one more day.

"HOLD OFF BUYING UNTIL THURSDAY," McTeague tweeted on Tuesday.

The Gas Price Wizard predicts a two-cent per litre increase on Wednesday before the dip in prices on Thursday. This applies to Montreal as well as cities in Ontario including Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor.

As prices continue to fluctuate and drivers pay the literal cost, there may be hope for a cheaper, more fuel-efficient future: the Quebec government has proposed banning gas-powered vehicles in the province by 2035. The plan is to increase the use of electric vehicles over the next thirteen years in order to reduce Quebec's total emissions.

According to the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Fight Against Climate Change, if the new plan is approved, Quebec will have 3.5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2035. If successful, Quebec, "will become the first jurisdiction in North America to legislate its target of 100% electric car sales by 2035."

Just something to think about the next time you're paying crazy prices at the pump.

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