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Montreal Has 23 Brand-New Outdoor Workspace Terrasses With Free WiFi & Outlets

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Montreal Has 23 Brand-New Outdoor Workspaces With Free WiFi

Montreal has officially launched its first-ever outdoor workspace network. 23 Îlots d'été — "sleekly designed booths with WiFi and electricity" — are available for free and with no reservations in nine different boroughs. 

"Whether on the banks of the river in Lachine, on the Olympic Park’s Esplanade, in the heart of Little-Italy or downtown, citizens will be able to work differently while enjoying summer," Aire Commune wrote in a press release shared with MTL Blog. 

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Developing outdoor workspaces were a big priority for the city, according to the team behind the Îlots d'été project.  

Benjamin Joppke via Aire Commune

"The 2020 lockdown exacerbated this urban design problem, which is where the Îlots d’été comes in."

Benjamin Joppke via Aire Commune

The plan is to have "more than 50 stations" in Montreal by 2025.

Benjamin Joppke via Aire Commune

"These Îlots d’été throughout the city will give citizens the opportunity to work outdoors and to reconnect with their living environment, but also their city as a whole," said Chantal Rouleau, the minister responsible for the metropolis and Montreal region.

Benjamin Joppke via Aire Commune

Aire Commune

Is there's an Îlot d’été in your neighbourhood? Check out the map above.